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Bozzio AG is a young, reliable and state-to-the-art SME which transforms its values into the image of the product joysteer®


The strategy of Bozzio AG is based on a steadily growth with the goal for sustainable profit.

Bozzio AG is a producer of drive-by-wire systems operating on a global scale

Our core competencies include technology and innovation combined with a professional business approach.

We focus on our main product with the primary functions steering, braking and accelerating.

We provide our end customers with a system offering the best driveability, safety and reliability standards.

We provide our dealer with a customer-friendly system combined with our best service.

We pursue a cooperative and fair approach to our relationships with suppliers, focusing on quality and delivery on time.

We want to be an attractive employer.

We offer to our staff a lot of freedom and personal responsibility. Transparency and honesty is important to us.

We stand for the workmanship in Switzerland. Swiss made is the answer.

customer service

Credo: Safety first

We offer best service, best payment conditions, best dealer trainings and product performance (driveability, lifetime, maintenance).


electronic development

mechanical engineering

vehicle technology

Software (C, Java)

Datacommunication FlexRay, CAN, CANopen, CANopen Safety

Security Appliances regarding ISO 26262

Certification process, proof regarding external feedback , EMV


Quality policy

joysteer® complies with the norms ECER-13H and ECER-79 and is developed according to ISO 26262. We guarantee high-quality production, delivery and service standards.
Our quality policy does not focus on the quick win but on sustainable success.

The chain of effects is as follows:

We distinguish between internal and external stakeholders.

certificates bozzio ag

ISO 9001:2015 (IQ Net)

ISO 9001:2015 (SQS)


certificates joysteer USA

ISO 9001:2015 (IQ Net)

ISO 9001:2015 (SQS)


Start of the project joysteer® by Mr Yves Bozzio who suffers from muscle disease. Lead by Mr Bernhard Gerster, chief of the automotive division of Bern University of Applied Sciences. Financed by several organisations for people with disabilities and the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI.

Incorporation of Bozzio PLC. Award of the Technology Prize Switzerland. First patent filing.

joysteer® is defined in its definitive form. Final patent filing.

Reorganisation from PLC into a public limited company. Award of deVigier (nominated with CHF 100,000.-). Successful end of the development phase.

100% independantly operative. Financing secured for the homologation and market introduction. Road approval for Switzerland and Europe. Successful end of field trial phase.

SOP, start of production. Market entry in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Switzerland. Extensions on input device (MMIs) and car models.

Launch of next generation joysteer® 2.0. Market entry Norway.

First system installed in the United States (demo system). Market entry England. Development and launch of MMI Low Force.

Acquisition of first industrial application. First demo system England. Marketing investments in the USA, England and Israel.

Intense Investments into evaluation systems in the USA and Israel. Continuation of industrial applications.

Further intense investments in the US market. ISO 9001:2015 certification. Hiring of staff and move into the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne.

Development of industrial product in the area of Defense. Continued intensive investment in the US market launch.

Several projects realized for industrial applications. Further expansion of the US market.